Monday, April 16, 2012

We told him what happened last time but he tried it AGAIN! This time, I was in the room with him. Quinn was too. I want to give Quinn a swift one between the legs for the way he reacted it was almost cold. Matt says it's just his own worries but I don't care, Matt didn't see what I saw. I HEARD the thud of a body falling out of a chair. I saw and chased down the shadow that was cast over it, but the hallway and the rest of the house was empty of everyone but Matt, Kirk and Cen and I know none of them would hurt him. What's really weird is it was the same thing. He was trying to upload that same damn video and it froze at the same damn spot. It's stupid to think that it might be cursed but at this point what in the hell is real if this thing that's stalking us is.

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