Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Erik is gone, yes. He's gone back. I think he wants to understand as bad as I do... but I can't muster up strength to care too much.

If anyone's reading this and wondering why we haven't posted in a long time, there's simply no one with access to this who has the heart to keep posting. We are our own wardens. I used to think that Matt and Quinn knew something and all the time they spent holed up in a room together talking was some kind of planning. Then I listened in. It's all a bunch of bullshit guesses, one after another, theories, stories. They talk about videos, text that talk about It. They talk about every little detail, every word said, every breath  drawn by those that It harasses.

They know absolutely nothing.

No one knows anything about It.

As a result, there's nothing to talk about. We are shells masquerading as people because we do nothing when we pretend to be doing something. We're not hiding to learn how to fight this thing, we're hiding only to save our own skins.