Monday, October 31, 2011

We’re still here. The park has been Halloweenified. I went to a recent General Assembly. I guess I just want to see what this movement is about. It is better than trying to understand what Matt’s told us. Matt’s coming a bit unhinged, which he implies happens a lot. He swears up and down the story he’s telling us is true… and it sort of makes sense in a crazy way.

It fits with what this Quinn asshole was saying.

What are we into?

In other news, I basically look like a hippie now. Not that everyone around here does… but I guess I’ve gone and gotten dreadlocks and I may have guiltily joined in to a drum circle. Some of the drummers are pissed, there have been some thefts and vandalism. That really sucks. 

These short paragraphs have taken me half an hour to write. I'm so tired. 


Friday, October 14, 2011

Home again... sorta.

Shortly after Alex posted on the morning of the 12th we went back to my apartment intending to stay. It has been destroyed, almost literally. We got into the car and have sped in shifts. I'll hand it over to him.

Cen here. Alex is actually asleep now but we're... sort of home. Matt's told us it isn't smart go go home... so we're hiding among the Protesters at the park. It's really chaotic... apparently the police are supposed to come so we can only stay here for a couple of hours. Someone was nice and gave us a tent. I feel bad lying to them.... But we have to hide now, Matt says.

It's just that Matt's scared and says that hiding in the crowd is probably the safest thing we can do. We had trouble... I mean obviously, with finding somewhere to put the car, but he's acting like we might need to run for the car when things go down. I guess that means we're not going to stay here, but I don't know what he's thinking. He acted like he was regretting coming back the whole trip back. He's gone to call Quinn, says he thinks he can get through even though we can't, I guess.

I don't know who Quinn is really but I think Alex hates him on principle and Matt acts like he's a good friend and he completely ignored me so I don't know what to think of him. I think its time that Matt gives us some more information about why he doesn't want us going home.

Everyone's sort of tense... I hope no one gets hurt. No one's in the tents anymore. But it doesn't matter, we can see everything if we just step out. It's madness. I might be waking Matt and Alex up.


Something has changed. People seem more relaxed and happier. Matt says the police aren't coming after all... we might just hide out here for a while, but only if Matt tells me what's happening. If he doesn't, I'm leaving.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Matt's been found, he's with us now. He's left Quinn's blog a message and we're staying in his apartment now. But he says its just for a couple of nights and then we all need to leave. I think we might take him back to NYC.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pictures, Music, Blogs

We went back to Matt's today, for the first time since the 28th. It was the same thing. We went to the building, his door was unlocked,we went in. It was unchanged. We decided to clean it up a bit to try to see if we could find some sign of him and to pass the time. We put the living room relatively back together for starters and then we decided we'd put the bed back together in the middle of the living room. When we pulled the box spring from in front of the sliding glass door, we noticed that there was something taped to the underside. When we laid it on its front in the middle of the floor we found pictures of people we didn't recognize, arrayed in a circle on the back, tacked onto the wood or taped to the pictures that were tacked.

I didn't recognize any of the photos except two. Set at the bottom of the circle was a shot of Matt as he looks now. It was um... not pleasant. He looks ill in the picture.... Anyway, the other photo was set in the center and it was a picture of him, Alex and I back in New York.

We took both of those pictures but left the rest on and left it where it was. Instead of moving into the kitchen to pass the time, we were distracted by a noise next door, the first one we'd ever heard. So we decided to go next door and talk to his neighbor. It was a man who showed clear signs of being unstable to say the least.

He told us Matt was loud, every night blaring music and never answering the door when asked to turn it down. Never live music but something being played over a stereo. A stereo we haven't yet found. Sometimes he sang along, audibly, loudly, other times it seemed he was just screaming. The police had come multiple times and taken him away to a mental health facility. His neighbor suggested we start our search there, that Matt was probably locked up in one again. But he also said Matt was never gone this long.

We didn't go back to Matt's apartment, we just shut it up and went back to the hotel. We used the phone book and the internet to get some phone numbers but won't be making the calls tonight. While Alex was showering before dinner I tried to call this Q figure again. No such luck. However... he does seem to have a blogspot of his own.