Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I had a dream about it again last night… and I was kneeling in blood over what looked just  like a warm hunk of meat. I was trying not to gag because the damage seemed inhuman. The throat had been cleanly cut… and I knew somehow that whoever had done that had not done the rest. The flesh of his stomach was not cleanly cut, it was torn down the middle up to the neck . I’ve never seen the insides of a human body before. I never ever ever want to again. The skin along the stomach was weird… it looked burnt almost. The wound on the neck looked nothing like that. Whoever killed him didn’t do the rest of it.

And now the mental image is even in my dreams.

Kirk is gone but whoever or whatever did this to him… I’m not stupid enough to think they are too.  Quinn took a look at the body and ran into the bathroom and threw up, I could hear it hitting the toilet bowl and the bathroom floor as he stumbled over himself to get inside. I could barely keep it down before, with that added on I ended up having to make myself stop breathing for a few seconds.

Quinn and I only talked for more than a few seconds that very night. He didn’t get close to the body but he showed me things. Parts of Kirk are gone. His lungs and part of his large intestines… it was almost like a surgical procedure except that there is nothing medical or helpful about it.

Do you know what was the weirdest? As we were covering him and getting ready to run to our bags, I thought I heard his voice.

But it’s impossible. He couldn’t have been breathing.

Kirk is gone and I never  got to know him.

I thought I saw a shadow running away from the scene but Quinn says it would have taken any person some time to do and there was no blood leading away. Maybe that suited bastard did it.

It’s weird… Quinn’s angry at the world, Matt is ignoring everything that happened, Alex is tired, I’m tired but Erik is in a good mood. I was worried and a bit scared  at first until I saw that he’d finally uploaded his video. That makes more sense… it’s relief.

I’m still going to ask him about the shadow… tomorrow.

Tonight… I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Vaya con dios,  Kirk. 

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