Monday, March 10, 2014

Greener Pastures

If anyone reads this still... I have to admit that I've almost forgotten about it.

So has Cen.

I won't tell you that we're happy or that we're safe.

Since Quinn's passing we have made another move. A man we met on a really terrible night where we saw It again lead us to a place he says he used to live in with a lot of other people. He said it was about thirteen or fourteen people at one point but there are only about four left now.

I asked what happened to everyone else but his only response was "It took them all."

This has been a really hard, cold winter and Matt's been sick most of it. Thing is, we're looking at things differently here. We're going to try to make a home of it, however risky Quinn would have said that was.

If no one ever posts here again then I hope anyone reading this assumes we've lived happily ever after... or at least that we've tried.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Quinn is gone.

We knew it was coming but it hurts.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Mark if you're alright contact Cenobia immediately.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Erik is gone, yes. He's gone back. I think he wants to understand as bad as I do... but I can't muster up strength to care too much.

If anyone's reading this and wondering why we haven't posted in a long time, there's simply no one with access to this who has the heart to keep posting. We are our own wardens. I used to think that Matt and Quinn knew something and all the time they spent holed up in a room together talking was some kind of planning. Then I listened in. It's all a bunch of bullshit guesses, one after another, theories, stories. They talk about videos, text that talk about It. They talk about every little detail, every word said, every breath  drawn by those that It harasses.

They know absolutely nothing.

No one knows anything about It.

As a result, there's nothing to talk about. We are shells masquerading as people because we do nothing when we pretend to be doing something. We're not hiding to learn how to fight this thing, we're hiding only to save our own skins.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We have electricity and internet again and it was kinda starting to feel comfortable without it. We aren't supposed to leave. Quinn says that we should make no mistake: we are in hiding. Even so I don't know if I want to be in hiding. That's why I went out yesterday and missed the power and internet coming back on. I spent a normal day out there. Even Matt was pissed at me but I don't care. I think we've been relatively comfortable. I mean, despite going nearly stir crazy. Matt and Alex got into a kind of ugly fist fight but it wore itself down. I think both of them wanted to be hitting someone else.

I haven't learned anything more about Erik than last time I posted. Whoever was sneaking around our old place hasn't been seen since, well, Kirk.

I found a few things while I was out, someone was moving into a place a few blocks away but the apartment was so small they couldn't bring everything. It's not much, some towels, some blankets and an old saxophone that neither Alex or I know how to play... but it looks pretty. I was surprised they'd give it away you would think it wouldn't take up much room in a closet, after all. There were a couple old books in it that I think I'm going to read.

I think I want to play music again though. None of us have done it since before we left Jersey.  
Christ. I don't know how that asshole did it but our internet is running again. He even got the electricity back up. I wonder if he threatens people, sometimes, the way he gets what he wants done. Expect Cen to post a little something tomorrow telling what's been going on. She's had particularly long day today, after all its been a long time since any of us have been out and about and where we are... well let's just say it's really crowded out there.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Quinn came back last night. Don't know where he was until that. I watched Mark's new video, the one Quinn was in. He acts just like that all the time. I hate how calm he is. Does he have feelings? Was he always like that?

Looks like Mark is sort of having a bad time of it. So am I though so I guess I understand.

I'm not the only one. Alex is getting frustrated too and we've found that Erik is a really nice person except that he doesn't want to talk about that last video he uploaded to his channel over at project croatan. He'll talk about anything else though almost.

Thing is we're all getting restless.