Monday, April 16, 2012

The seizing may have been a bit more wild this time but he's finally stopped and calmed down. This was a long three hours. Por dios! What are we going to do if this kid just up and dies on us one day?  Alex doesn't want to do it, so I guess I'm going to have to ask Erik some questions now. Surely he's got family... friends... people who care. Maybe it's not related to all of this, maybe he's sick and we're just imagining the other stuff. One thing's for sure.. I'm finally getting scared.

Alex and I left home a long time ago to find Matt. When we finally did it, Matt told us it wasn't safe to go home. We lived as vagrants for a long time. For a time we lived with the Occupiers, but the park kept getting cleared and it got dangerous to be there during those clearings so we moved off and found other places to squat and stay... all the while knowing we were so close to home.

So then finally we left again and let Matt take us to find this guy neither of us liked. We know how that turned out. Only thing that changed was a closer look at that Thing. I guess nicer places to stay, electricity, showers, sometimes internet in the houses. Now we've picked up this kid, Erik and I'm worried he's sick or dying or something. Something's got to give.

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