Friday, April 13, 2012

Long night.

Alex here. Right now we're hanging out in a safe house outside of a large city in Jersey. That's about all I can tell you. Cenobia is a bit freaked out, keeps trying to convince the others to call an ambulance even hours later. I agree with them that we shouldn't though. Last night I was sleeping on the floor of what might have been a living room once when I heard a screa... you know what it's probably better if I just try to get her to tell the story. Okay. I'm handing this over to her.

Happened last night. I woke up late to go to the bathroom and I heard something coming from the 'technology room' as Dear Old Quinn calls it. I figured he or Matt were just up doing whatever it is they do together. The door was open so I peeked in. The new kid, Erik, he was just laying half draped over the desk and only partially in his chair, shaking. It was almost like he was having a nightmare. What worried me was that he was almost dark. The room was brightly lit but something was blocking the light and I realized there was a big shadow across him.

I didn't want to go in there but I didn't want to leave the kid. (I say kid like he's THAT much younger than me? Yeah right.) I went in, thinking that someone must be behind him, but when I looked there was nothing. It wasn't as if the shadow and whatever it was coming from moved but the second I could look for it it was gone. The shaking wasn't though, I yelled out for help because I thought it was a seizure. When I tried to sit him back in the chair (I didn't know you shouldn't move people when they seize, but I do now...) I knocked that damn brown journal he was keeping so close to him off the table and almost took his computer with it.

I turned back to the door because I thought I heard someone whispering but no one was there yet, so I just yelled again for help. After he calmed down I went back and looked over the room with Matt. No one was in there. I passed up the temptation to look at his journal which had fallen open face down but I got curious as to what he was doing online that late. All it showed was a youtube upload screen frozen at 22%. He was uploading it straight from a camera that had almost been hidden behind the computer.

Alex again, one last note: The seizing stopped, the video would not upload so we just left things as they were. It's about twelve hours since this happened and he's still asleep on the damn couch. Normally I'd have gone back to sleep on the floor but he's talking nonsense in his sleep so I haven't gotten back to sleep myself yet.

Quinn apparently slept through all of that so it was down to Matt, Kirk and I to help when we heard Cen calling. Matt's right though, it's dangerous to move someone when they're seizing. I heard it could lead to them biting their tongue.

Unrelated: Kirk hasn't changed a bit. I'd be pissed at how he's treating us except that it's not that much different from how we're treating Quinn and I'll be damned if that changes without him explaining what in the hell is going on. 

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