Monday, April 16, 2012

From five to four.

Cen's got his blood on her hands and clothes still. She hasn't said a thing since we woke Erik up (he was actually sleeping this time not passing in the computer room) and hurried him off to my car. I punched Quinn in the face tonight. His nose is bleeding but I don't know if it's broken or not. It took Matt to get him off me.

In the end, Quinn won.

We're leaving what's left of Kirk behind.

There's not much.

I don't want to describe it.

We don't know how it happened. Cen said something about spotting the shadow of someone leaving the house before she found him.

That was before she went quiet.

We're leaving Jersey and heading somewhere. This time Quinn doesn't want me to post it and I'm going to do what he says. This time.

Erik's lucky. He's the only one who didn't see what we saw. I hate that we're all in this together right now and I still know nothing about him... hell I didn't know anything about Kirk, either.

We're parked at a McDonalds right now but Matt says we're about to go. He's sending Erik out with the food. I didn't want to leave Cen.

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