Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cen here!

I figured I'd do this one. I'll start by saying that apparently Quinn's friend with the blog is paying attention to this one, so I guess, hello? I guess he's figured out something bad happened to us over that voicemail he got.

Alex isn't happy right now. We got woke up real early last night/this morning and got into Matt's car. We followed Quinn (Kirk rode with him since he still seems like he doesn't care to get to know Alex or me) back toward town, gassed up and then took off to a town about five hours from there. The house pulled up in front of was actually pretty nice. I thought it might be one of Quinn's safe houses. He seems to have access to a lot of places that are otherwise unoccupied but look like they're ready for people.

That wasn't the case. There was a boy out front of it, kinda pale I think. Might be a year or two younger than me which means he's the youngest of us. He and Quinn talked for about a minute and Quinn told us we were heading north from there and the boy was coming with us. I haven't had a chance to talk of him as of when I typed this but by the time we pull over somewhere with the internet we can get into maybe that will have changed.

Edit: I was right. His name is Erik. He runs a youtube channel. I've loaded up a couple of videos. That monster's there. It's not a person. At all. Alex actually seems to like the guy, which is great since Alex has been in a foul mood since waking up to come. Erik might even ride with us.

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