Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Won't you save me San Francisco?

Okay so Monday at noon we finally took off from the small town where we were broken down We arrived just this morning about 8 AM and got a hotel in San Francisco. It's kind of different but kind of familiar too, to be in the town. It makes me think of a scaled down Manhattan. As far as sheer size it almost just seems... cute somehow. Still, it really is a beautiful city, if a bit frustrating. In Manhattan it might be a bit hectic but you can at least get a damned cab! We woke up at about three today... I guess we were both just really tired. We'd stopped often up until last night which is why it took us so long to get here (well, besides the fiasco with the car) but apparently that wasn't enough.

We had stopped in Vegas for a dinner and had a good time... but after that we didn't stop. We slept in shifts and I sped. A lot. A lot a lot. So we slept a long time. Then we left the hotel in downtown San Francisco and realized that we couldn't get a cab for ANYTHING. Really we were just going to try to check out the building at the address back gave us. After about two hours of not being able to hail a cab or anything we decided to just walk back to the hotel and indulge. I wasn't about to argue because Cen suggested a swim followed by some alone time and you can call me a pervert if you want but I wasn't going to say no to that!

So she's getting out of the shower now so we can go down to the pool. Tomorrow we're having the hotel call a cab... any later and its just gonna be a bad idea, as it'll start getting dark soon and we haven't seen Matt in a long time. I think I need a good night ahead of me anyway.

Also, I don't know who this 'Driest Humor' cat is but I don't appreciate your joke. I know you can just click 'random blog' and find a random blog, but it doesn't mean you have to mess with whoever's writing it.  

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