Friday, September 23, 2011

So Q, time for a Q and A

There was some positive and negative out of all of this. Two nights ago, Cen and I spent a great night at the hotel and had more fun than we'd had in a long time, not to mention went all out and ordered room service. Now with that night being what it was a release from the stress that this trip has caused... it's not horribly surprising we woke up just sick as dogs. We spent half of the day in the room and finally around one or so, were feeling good enough to get a cab. A cab which took three hours to actually arrive. have you ever sat in a hotel lobby for three hours? The only thing that made it not absolutely frustrating was that we had each other. 

We got into the cab and it was a far quicker ride than it might have been in New York. The cabbie dropped us and left and we approached the apartment building. It didn't take long to find our way through the building, it was small and only a couple stories high. It was kept in pretty bad shape though... even by the standards of someone who once lived deep in the projects as a young child. Matt's said he lived in apartment 29, which was at nearly the end of the hall. There were no noises coming out of the apartments, no sign of kids, but then again they would probably be at school, right?

We knocked on the door and at first I just thought he was out or something but after knocking again the door sort of just came open. What we did is probably technically breaking and entering but it just... I don't know I was just so curious I went in without thinking about it. The apartment seemed to have three small rooms and a large room. The hall leading to the bathroom and the bedroom were blocked off by a torn, battered, overturned couch.

There was a glass door to a small balcony off the side of the living room and it was not only blocked by a boxspring but covered by a blanket. The kitchen was a mess and hadn't been cleaned, fridge was wide open and the only things in it were jugs of what I'm just going to honestly hope was fruit punch. Stacks of boxed ramen to the ceiling lined one wall of it where a stove probably was at some point and strangest part was they were all unopened.

The living room had obviously been literally lived in. The spring mattress to go with the boxspring was laying on the center of the floor, a loveseat was to the right of the door, looking like it had been moved out of the way of the door hastily. There were two guitars and three guitar cases and a busted television. There also seemed to be some sort of really crappy fan that someone had taken apart. Despite every attempt there wasn't a sign of alcohol in the whole place. The windows in the other rooms ahd been blocked off from the inside with plastic and I think nailed shut.

Our best instincts said to leave. But we waited for three hours. No one came. There was a cell phone in the place that was dead, but no other telephone. We found the charger for it when we left and we took it. That's probably more than a little illegal but we did leave Matt a note explaining everything we could through paper and we went back to the hotel. Something which took us a couple more hours, since getting a cab took a while.

We put the phone on the charger, showered, went out and got dinner at a nearby McDonalds and then came back.

Note from Cen: Alex is actually a spendthrift.

Wow. I picked the worst time ever to walk away from my laptop, I guess.

On with the story. We loaded up the phone but it was locked. Unsurprisingly. We decided not to bother with it until today. The key was his birthyear. We've found phone calls between him and a number with an area code in Michigan, labeled, strangely enough 'Q.'

Now you might be able to say it was a coincidence but... the guy who commented on a past post called himself 'Q.' This opens up the question of where Matt is and who Q is. So the gloves are off, Q. You know Matt's number, I've got the phone. Tell us what's going on or police will get involved. Cen's especially worried, and if you know anything and don't tell us that means you'll be adding to it. Which means I'm going to be really fucking upset.

Oh and explain what in the hell these text messages are talking about because I think you'll know what the 'Connection' is. 

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