Sunday, March 11, 2012

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My ear hurts. That’s right my ear. It’s been entirely too long since we last posted. Yesterday we woke up from a nap. That is to say, a several days long nap, apparently. We were in the woods around Quinn’s hiding place.

It was there. I don’t want to tell the story. Someone else will.

Alex is frustrated and I don’t blame him. He and I let Matt talk us into going to get Quinn when neither of us really liked him to begin with. Quinn knows this, we’ve told him about twice since waking up that if it was up to us he’d be on his own. Quinn’s short, thin, strangely colored stripe of hair like he’s trying to be an anime character or something. Don’t know what else to say to describe him. Muy pequeno.

Matt lead us to a large woods in a rural area of Michigan. I was worried we would have to go on foot but we followed some dirt and gravel roads and turned into a driveway. Matt seemed to know exactly how to get there. The end of the driveway just had a pile of black, burnt timber and stone. It was completely rubble and Alex and I were thinking Matt was about to find Quinn’s body. Matt didn’t seem to mind what he saw, he just got out, left the car running and walked toward what looked like it might have been a house once. Alex and I followed and as we got close a bit of the rubble shook and then sort of rose into the air in a weird way.

It was being pushed up by what looked like a pair of metal cellar doors. The first thing we saw was a handgun pointing up from the cellar, and from our angle it was aimed really off and wouldn’t have been able to hit anyone. Matt said something we weren’t close enough to hear and the gun withdrew. A head of brown and white hair stuck itself out and that was the first time we saw Quinn. He didn’t speak to us, maybe because he could see the stink eye Alex was giving him but asked Matt to hold on for a second while he got something.

That was when it came. It was quiet at first, just a snapping twig or a rustling leaf. I was freezing so I thought maybe it was just my teeth chattering. They WERE chattering but I realized I was hearing something before the others. Alex was next to hear it and then Matt. We kept looking toward the car worried it was a thief or something about to steal it. But the noise would change where it was coming from pretty quickly. Something black moved in the distance, dark as la noche final.

Then it was there. Alex and I had never seen it THIS close before.  Alex froze up and it took me pushing and pulling to get him moving. I bet Quinn pissed himself when we all came running down into his precious little hide away and shut the doors. It’s tiny as hell, cluttered and you can walk the length of it in almost no time at all.

Even I have more respect than to talk too much about what happened next
Something or someone started banging on those doors while Matt tried to explain what was happening and after a second Quinn froze. He looked like some kind of monster in that dark little place for a second and then he pulled his phone out and started to dial. Matt started to move things in front of the door, Alex started yelling at Quinn and this time I was the one who didn’t know what to do. I just listened as Quinn got someone’s voice mail and started to talk to it. I can’t remember exactly what he said but I sure heard this:

“I’m sorry, Mark, I’m sorry. Pick up, why won’t you pick up?” Alex screamed over him, saying my name and looking at a corner of the little room. It didn’t need to use the door. It was already in there. Its suit sort of exploded outward but it wasn’t cloth. It was like… slimy skin. They were tentacles.

We woke up in that exact same place last night.  We left it fast and hid out in town for a while. Quinn wants to go somewhere and try to get hold of someone. I guess this Mark again? 

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