Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New York to California- And somewhere in the middle.

It's Alex.

When you intend to disappear it's best to disappear. When you can't do that, look as small and insignificant as possible for as long as possible. We've done that for a long time and I thought it was working. It hasn't worked. Matt's upset but we're all okay. It's just that we saw that thing again, as Cen calls it, 'El hombre alto.' Except he's no 'hombre.' No es una persona.

He's not a person.

Not at all.

Matt made a phone call after we saw it. We got into the car and on the road again.

We're stopping here at a McDonalds short of our destination because in order to get where we're going we've got to go into a rather... thickly wooded and lightly populated area. We're in Michigan and we're going to meet Quinn.

I don't want to meet Quinn but Matt says he's the best at avoiding this thing, not because of skill but because of luck. I'm going to trust Matt. I still remember what kind of asshole Quinn was when he commented on this blog. I'm still not sure how he found it.

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