Monday, October 31, 2011

We’re still here. The park has been Halloweenified. I went to a recent General Assembly. I guess I just want to see what this movement is about. It is better than trying to understand what Matt’s told us. Matt’s coming a bit unhinged, which he implies happens a lot. He swears up and down the story he’s telling us is true… and it sort of makes sense in a crazy way.

It fits with what this Quinn asshole was saying.

What are we into?

In other news, I basically look like a hippie now. Not that everyone around here does… but I guess I’ve gone and gotten dreadlocks and I may have guiltily joined in to a drum circle. Some of the drummers are pissed, there have been some thefts and vandalism. That really sucks. 

These short paragraphs have taken me half an hour to write. I'm so tired. 


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