Monday, March 10, 2014

Greener Pastures

If anyone reads this still... I have to admit that I've almost forgotten about it.

So has Cen.

I won't tell you that we're happy or that we're safe.

Since Quinn's passing we have made another move. A man we met on a really terrible night where we saw It again lead us to a place he says he used to live in with a lot of other people. He said it was about thirteen or fourteen people at one point but there are only about four left now.

I asked what happened to everyone else but his only response was "It took them all."

This has been a really hard, cold winter and Matt's been sick most of it. Thing is, we're looking at things differently here. We're going to try to make a home of it, however risky Quinn would have said that was.

If no one ever posts here again then I hope anyone reading this assumes we've lived happily ever after... or at least that we've tried.


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